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I never realized that most of the first Resident Evil's difficulty came from its damn controls. If I knew that, I might've bought Metal Gear Solid on the PS3 instead. I mean, come on. I wasted around four bullets out of fifteen trying to shoot a zombie dog, and I usually have good aim. I mean, Outbreak had similar controls, and I could shoot things pretty damn well.

Well, on the bright side, I was almost a Jill Sandwich.

And I love the voice acting so much.
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So, this past Sunday I bought Call of Duty: World at War and The Last Remnant.

World at War is just as good as Modern Warfare, just more WWII orientated, which isn't a problem for me. always loved Bolt-Action rifles in FPS games. I love the 3 > 5 > 7 perk system from MW, and I love how it's Dogs instead of a Helicopter. I've yet to be killed by dogs, too. I'm just that good. Of course, bullets tend to kill before the dogs have a chance, but that's no excuse for the dogs! |:

Last Remnant isn't as bad as everyone reviews about, just a complicated battle system that isn't like a normal RPG system. Personally, it's almost like an RTS made into an RPG, with all these epic menu moves. I like it, and the story is pretty good as is. Though... Why is David pronounced so... weird?

Then I got Resident Evil 5's Versus Mode, which is pretty much, who shoots first, who has the better weapon, and who has good aim. I turned it into "Who can hit the ninja man before he knifes your throat". :D

And Kianna, stop going to sleep so EARLY.
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I'm taking this moment to say that I'm still alive.

Just awfully distracted by things, such as school and Resident Evil 5.

Yeah, I'm bored. That is all.

P.S. How dare you go to sleep so early, Kianna.
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Okay, so I've been bumming around for the last couple of days I've been off thanks to finals and regents exams. So while I was doing all this bumming, like a professional mind you, I remembered a scene from Megaman X4 with some majorly crappy voice acting.

That got me thinking what other games and anime had some horrible, and I mean really horrible, moments of voice acting, even in general throughout the entire thing. So I've been favoriting all these videos with these crappy voice acting, and laughing my ass off. Figured I'd share 'em with you guys on my friends list. Most of them are Capcom, too.

Credit to Griff for showing me this one. )

Devil May Cry )

Megaman X4 )

Resident Evil )

DBZ: UK Dub )

Chaos Wars )
Anyone else got some horrible moments of hilarious voice acting? 8D;


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