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I wouldn't say we're a brand, since Manly Gaming 101 is simply a YouTube channel, but we're definitely a group of friends who play many fighting games together. So there's no doubting that once we start going to tournaments more, our placements will matter to us. It's a testament of our improvements.

So here we are.

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As... some of you know, not all of you. Because then it would be weird if all of you knew when I don't even post here all that often. Do people even read this? Will people read this? Who cares, I'm going to link to it anyway.

AS SOME OF YOU KNOW, I run a Livestream/ stream called Manly Gaming 101. On that stream, I do gaming, as it says in the name. I'm Captain Obvious, how you doin'? Anyway, because of the quantity of games I play and never finish or want to play, I figured I'd keep a list. Also doubles as a "hey guys, what the hell should I play today" list because I hate having to list stuff off the top of my head when I'm really indecisive about it. This also counts for my Youtube channel and content for that.

Well. Here you go.

Pchoooooo )
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In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer.

In other news, I set myself up with a account out of boredom after watching myself play BlazBlue on someone else's stream. It's called Manly Gaming 101! I did it about two days ago over here, and spent virtually the whole day setting myself up. Having a capture card probably would've made things a lot easier, but what can you do. The TV is fine enough. :|b

I liked having people's commentary playing over a speaker on Skype, though. 'twas fun and all, especially once I couldn't get my XBL working, so it was about 15 minutes of three of us talking. And SM singing. Hopefully I can get some real stuff playing on it soon enough, like maybe later tonight. Or tomorrow.

Either way, there's some videos up in the archive. Personally, it lags a tiny bit for me during some action parts in some of the archives, but the others said it was fine for them. If anyone could check, please tell me if it does lag?

Haha. Emma sounded like a robot.

Besides that, I actually decided to finally share my icons with the world over at [ profile] inzaneicons . I know, best name for a community ever, right? I couldn't resist the idea of an icon post after I realized I had over 100 BlazBlue icons. I just... forgot to put the rest of them and a couple of other ones on my first post. And I really didn't feel like editting it after the hell I went through. Damn HTML.

And Uncharted 2? It really deserved Game of the Year.


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