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So, it's pretty much Thursday morning now. And Wednesday was possibly the worst day of my life. Shitty crap after more shitty crap, everything just fell apart really. So what did I need? Something to cheer me up. And while Dead Rising 2 is a great distraction, it just wasn't cutting it since no one was online to co-op with or anything.  The part where I got to level 13, and then my 360 literally went to a black screen and the game froze in the middle of gameplay didn't help when I ended up losing six levels and a couple of combo/scratch cards from it. That just soured my mood, though that was all before the real life crap. It had to have been an omen or something.

Not to mention that I'm starting to get addicted to Terror Is Reality over the actual storyline. I mean, I fucking won $72,000 for my main save file in TIR today in a ranked match that I barely lost in second place. Barely. Stomped over third place by a good 30,000 point lead. ):

But yes, I needed a great distraction. What did I find out on my garage? My repaired Wii! Not only was it repaired, but I still had my 200 leftover Wii points and all of my previous Virtual Console games. All my save files and Mii's were gone, but hey, I didn't get cheated on my money spent in the Wii Shop at least. Yay for Ocarina of Time!

Worst part was that while I was hooking up my Wii, I dropped it two and a half feet off my desk onto tile floor. |:

Anyway, the Wii's being a great distraction for yesterday, and probably most of today. I should be getting on my tags at Luceti and Dead Culture, but I just don't have the drive to do anything roleplay-related with all the shit slamming me in the face in the past week. It fucking sucks, but I'm probably gonna have to call a hiatus at both games.

I need to get my shit with college sorted out too, because now everything's in a bigger mess than it ever was. Fuck.

/stumbles off to play Monster Hunter Tri


Feb. 17th, 2009 04:25 am
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So, I've been asked to show my friends a new site based on an old one that died. So it's a fresh start, and it's a forum community for games, anime, roleplaying, and the likes. Just joined myself, but I know pretty much everyone there so no big deal. Anyway, here's the link to Kiseki Anime:

On a different note, I love the god damn Luceti V-Day Event. Totally stalking Yuri/Judith. And Grimmjow/Mieu is so amazing to be just fun, yet not disgusting and horrifying. Dante's the only character I got who's involved, although it took some thought, that didn't get a partner, but yeah. Might throw Cid into the fray before the event ends too.

Aaaand, finally. Orbits hurt when they're punted into you. Just some friendly advice.


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