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So here I am, being all bored, and... bored.

I have to go to Toys R Us tomorrow to return Left 4 Dead for another copy. My mom decided it was a bright idea to order it online, without a warranty, and then when I opened it up on Christmas, it was popped out of the case and scratched up to the point that not even I could do that kind of damage. But it still works, but y'know... Rather have a new copy of it when I was supposed to have a brand new copy.

And I really don't feel like going out for that, but as least I can pick up another PS3 controller. It's pretty damn annoying to switch off controllers when you're playing the best PS3 game ever created. LittleBigPlanet is too damn amazing to take turns in, afterall. Just my luck that my third controller, which is an air-conditioned controller with a USB cable, doesn't work at all except for the air-conditioner. It's nice to hold though...

Still waiting on two games to show up in the mail too. So much for being on time, there. XD I hope one is Re:Chain of Memories. I need to get my Kingdom Hearts groove back.

Then I have this too.


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