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Burdym World Building

A world that bends to the rules of High Fantasy, yet doesn't know its own boundaries. Religion and Magic run rampant within this world's countries, yet a small sect of adventurers and scientists truly know the depths of the cosmos that lie beyond the borders of Burdym's boundaries.

Magitechnology allows a whole new level of exploration throughout the world, and even so outside of it. Planetary exploration is nothing new to the adventurers and high-class nobles of Burdym, though a large populace refuse to acknowledge the wonders beyond their own world and stick to what they know.

It is with this sense of accomplishment that gives meaning to being an adventurer or sword-for-hire in Burdym. It allows one to easily leave their homeworld, let alone their home, to help those in need out of the good of their heart or for a quick buck. And if they truly wished to, they can leave their own world in the dust to live elsewhere.

Not like Burdym is all that advanced despite its magicks allowing them to leave their own atmosphere behind in the dust. It's all they have going for them in the interstellar community.

Strangely enough, their magicks are all that keeps their planet going since their sun has long turned into a Red Dwarf. Without it giving the planet constant life, Burdym's very existence is on the decline. The magiscientists have pleaded with the royal courts to fund them into sending adventurers out on expeditions for one reason or another. Whether it's to search for a solution to save their planet or to find a new home for their people when it is high time to leave, only a few kingdoms have lent their aid.

It's only a matter of time before their sun goes supernova and begins to eradicate all life in their solar system. And with something so powerful like that, a few planets outside of their own system are sure to meet their demise as well.

Only ten years from now would their star collapse on itself. Burdym would be wiped out and off the face of the solar map, along with the neighboring planet of Tyria.

But that's something for the people of tomorrow to worry about.

Race: Elf
Age: 53
Likes: Alcohol
Dislikes: Half-giants that complain they got hustled when she beats them in arm wrestling

Race: Human
Age: 25
Likes: Money
Dislikes: Wastes of time

Race: Human
Age: 27
Likes: Duty
Dislikes: Too much hard work

Race: Slime
Age: 138
Likes: Humidity
Dislikes: Dry places

A curious slime girl, Syri has been around the block more than once yet gives off an air of childlike wonder and ignorance. Despite her age and knowledge of Burdym's peoples and their interests, she never truly absorbed any of that knowledge for a positive purpose. She enjoys kidnapping people to play with or entertain her, and has no qualms in ruining someone's day or plans for her own selfishness. And if she ends her angering someone, she doesn't really understand why.

But all things considered, she is a more pacifistic slime who never really attacks people but rather abducts them for one reason or another. As long as no one shows her outright hostility that would endanger her actual well-being, she's perfectly fine with someone threatening her.

Race: Cat Wildkin
Age: ???
Likes: Knowledge
Dislikes: Ignorance

Race: Human
Age: 874
Likes: Having friends
Dislikes: Loneliness

Race: Human
Age: 20
Likes: Undercooked food
Dislikes: Conflict

Race: Elemental
Age: 10
Likes: Music
Dislikes: Home

The young prince of a far off world named Tyria that is full of elemental beings. They are a technologically advanced race that sent their princes to Burdym to learn of other races and planets, their politics, and how to deal with less than savory people. Zessen is young, eager but very naive to the universe and its workings and relies on his older brother to get much of anything done.

Race: Elemental
Age: 28
Likes: Conflict
Dislikes: His father

Zessen's older brother that is ever so slightly disowned by his father due to his tendency to go on rampages with his power and his blaming Zessen for their mother's death many years ago. He doesn't show this disdain to his younger brother, but a select few people have eagerly called him out on it. Despite it all, he works very hard to keep his brother safe and not let anything happen to him, but doesn't act as the best teacher to get him started on learning about how politics works.

He could care less, honestly.

Race: Plant
Age: 38
Likes: Insects
Dislikes: Humans

Race: Human
Age: 32
Likes: Magitechnology
Dislikes: Insects

Race: Elemental
Age: 27
Likes: Sleep
Dislikes: Undercooked food

Coming from the future, this grown-up Zessen was sent 17 years into the past when he was attacked by a certain asshole while he was trying to eat lunch. Hailing from 7 years after the destruction of Burdym, he is weary of the world and the ugly side of people that it brings out. At some point in his life, he has lost his left hand and had it replaced with a liquid metal substance that he can control with his element of lightning.

Unlike his younger self, Zessen has a terrible relationship with his brother and holds a huge grudge against him for unknown reasons that he won't delve into. Around his younger self and his brother, he goes to great lengths to hide his identity and pleads with those who know his name to cover for him. Changing the past is such a pain in the ass.