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Magnificent Zane ([personal profile] getdunked) wrote2012-09-29 11:08 am

Manly Gaming 101!

As... some of you know, not all of you. Because then it would be weird if all of you knew when I don't even post here all that often. Do people even read this? Will people read this? Who cares, I'm going to link to it anyway.

AS SOME OF YOU KNOW, I run a Livestream/ stream called Manly Gaming 101. On that stream, I do gaming, as it says in the name. I'm Captain Obvious, how you doin'? Anyway, because of the quantity of games I play and never finish or want to play, I figured I'd keep a list. Also doubles as a "hey guys, what the hell should I play today" list because I hate having to list stuff off the top of my head when I'm really indecisive about it. This also counts for my Youtube channel and content for that.

Well. Here you go.

Current Games Needing New Damn Parts:
Let's Play Final Fantasy VII (Part 9)
Let's Play Final Fantasy IX (Part 5)
Bastion (Part 2)
Lone Survivor (Part 2)
Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Part 5)

Completed Streams:
I Wanna Be The Guy: Gaiden
Street Fighter X Mega Man
Luigi's Mansion

Games on the Inevitable Waiting List:
Garry's Mod
Minecraft Multiplayer

Games That Can Be Played Whenever:
Waiting List Games
Nintendoland (Wii U)
Persona 4: Arena (PS3)
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (360/PS3)
Super Street Fighter IV (360)
Animal Crossing (GCN)
Final Fantasy VIII (PSX)
Team Fortress 2 (PC)
Saints Row: The Third (360)
Resident Evil 6 (360)

Current Youtube Let's Plays:
God Hand (Next: Episode #5)
Street Fighter X Mega Man (Complete)

Future Youtube Let's Plays:
Any of the Non-Streamed Games
Dark Souls (360)
Sonic the Hedgehog (360)
Shadow of the Colossus Technical Difficulties with HDCP cables
Bastion (PC)
The Binding of Isaac (PC)
Guns of Icarus (PC)
Monster Hunter Tri (Wii)