getdunked: (<Bill> Too old for this shit.)
Magnificent Zane ([personal profile] getdunked) wrote2011-04-24 06:08 pm

Movies, Movies Everywhere!

Alright, so it's a holiday and I'm bored. I have a couple of movies and stuff that I have and haven't watched, and some of them are actually pretty damn cool and such.

Then I remembered that I have a Livestream. I know how to stream pretty well, so I figured, "hey, maybe I can stream some movies for some friends and such if they wanna watch something!" and that's where I am right now.

So I'm doing just that. Right now. Right here. Peek in or whatever, but for right now I'm gonna be testing the quality and stuff with an animated Dofus special. But yeah, just putting the idea out there, because I figured that it would be neat.

I just have to figure out if I wanna start with Tangled or Return of the Joker, or something else.