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Magnificent Zane ([personal profile] getdunked) wrote2010-12-24 10:11 am
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Curse you, technology. I need some halp.

My keyboard on my laptop is being a douche. Everytime I hit T, a B shows up afterward, and everytime I hit B, a T shows up afterward (sometimes before). It's like I'm hitting both keys at once, when I'm not. The same goes for Y and N, and [ and /.

That makes typing into an ordeal. Any suggestions to fix it?

Because I'm using a PS2 USB keyboard, and that's just not cutting it. At least I don't have to worry about tagging for a little while.

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Sounds like a circuitry problem. Is it possible it might be dirty inside the keyboard or something? Dusty even. I know some keyboards go wonky if you don't clean them.

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So tbheny getbting some of tbhat sprayn you clean keyboards with would probably do the trick, rightb?{

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... P-possibly. Wow, that's pretty bad. I can't be all that certain, though.

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Worth a shot, since I was thinking about it already. Just gotta go out and buy some.

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Hope it helps somehow!