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This is a meme. And another meme.

Name: Zane
Age: 18
First Livejournal RP Experience: [ profile] talesofdressing, since I didn't join [ profile] luceti until two months later.

Other games you have been in: [ profile] luceti, [ profile] polychromatic, [ profile] somarium, [ profile] verinthia, [ profile] aprigen, [ profile] deadculture, [ profile] wildjustice (which died before starting), and [ profile] talesofeventide.

What canons have you played from? Out of the canons I've actually apped from: Tales of Vesperia, Tales of the Abyss, Naruto, BlazBlue, Durarara!!, Bleach, Gin Tama, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XIII, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry, One Piece, and Guilty Gear.

If you want canons I haven't apped from yet play from, just check out this.

Favorite character(s) to play? Even though I just apped him, I'm having so much fun playing [ profile] roboredom that it's amazing. He's so unorthodox and I just love being a jerk to the people he interacts with. I'm loving it so hard. But in the long run? I'd have to say that I love playing [ profile] black_onslaught the most, simply because his tags comes just so damn naturally to me and he comes from a game with a great storyline. His voice is so powerful for me, that he's become my favorite so quickly. I can't see myself ever not playing Ragna.

... Guess I just love Arc System Works characters.

Favorite RP Canonmates: From BlazBlue, I absolutely love threading with [ profile] bullet_dance, [ profile] catus_carnival, and [ profile] redstringed whenever I get the chance -- mostly because of being able to troll all the time, the massive derp that comes from the threads, and the massive snark battles that ensue from the each of them respectively.

When it comes to Naruto, I love my current cast all so much, but Mandee's [ profile] felltohate just takes the cake because the threads I have with him with Naruto just turn into... something amazing almost every time. I love it so much.

For Vesperia? [ profile] once_knighted forever. I will never stop threading with you, Wingy. Never.

And I totally love tagging with [ profile] boomchucka whenever I get the chance. And [ profile] knighted_lion. Gdmit, I love my FFVIII cast.

Favorite muns to play against: Everyone ever. Especially all of my castmates. But if I had to pick a number one person that I've always loved to play against? SM, hands down. The guy always has such creative tags, and his characters are all very well-done and amazing to thread with, no matter who the hell I'm tagging him with.

What kind of tagger are you? I can be really fast when I'm not drowing in tags, but I haven't exactly been the most consistent with tagging in the past couple of months. I try to keep my tagging down to a small amount of time where I go non-stop with whatever my inbox throws at me, but when I take a break, it ends up being for a couple of hours. Sometimes for the rest of the day. :|;

Have you met anyone in RL that you've played against? Not counting people I knew IRL beforehand, nope!

Pimp a game? [ profile] luceti because it's awesome. Join it. When apps open in January. Think of it as a Christmas present to yourself.


Reply with a fandom and I'll tell you the following:

▌ favorite character
▌ least favorite character
▌ prettiest character
▌ character I wanna marry
▌ favorite pairing
▌ favorite episode/scene
▌ unpopular opinion

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