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Jacked this shit from Emma, because I can.

Give me a character from any fandom I know at least fairly well, and I will tell you:

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why

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A) Amaterasu/Hazama. Fuck yes.
B) Hazama/Rachel. Just because the hate between them is wonderful.
C) Hazama/Ragna is utter shit.
D) I don't think that Mu is his waifu. At all. |: Whatsoever. No. None of that shit.
E) Rachel. I don't need to explain, do I?

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A) Ragna/Makoto, for whatever reason. I don't see how it would ever happen, or even remotely get some UST up in there, but I just ship it. Of course, I'll never see anything come of it, and I'll probably get over it eventually, but what the hell. XD

B) Ragna/Noel.


Shut up, Emma.

C) See above. In the Hazama one. That pretty much takes the cake.

D) I don't think Ragna is generic, at all. He's usually seen at the guy who is the most generic in the entire series, or something along those lines, and I just don't see it. I mean, sure. He's the badass rebel who has a heart of gold and hides it under a rock hard exterior. But he's got so much shit going for him that takes him away from it that I just don't see him being the most generic in the series.

E) Jin. Platonically, yes. But romantically, it can never happen. Ragna's the big brother, and he acts like it even when he doesn't want to. He will never break that bond by killing Jin or by... falling for him. It's just impossible.

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A) Flynn/Estelle. Entirely Valentine's Day and Griff's fault. |:

B) Flynn/Justice I really don't have one. If I had to pick, I suppose I'd say Flynn/Sodia though. It's pretty neat.

C) Yuri/Flynn. |:

D) No. Idea. :|;

E) Yuri. |: They're best friends, and that's all they are and will ever be and I swear my life on this belief.

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What the fuck.

A) Cloud/Tifa, because of pretty much everything Tifa did for Cloud during the events of the original game. It sold it for me. :|b That and fanfiction when I used to write/read it a lot.

B) Cloud/Aerith because of Disc 1, I guess. That, and I found her interactions with Cloud throughout the first part of the game to be really cute, and it was just really the first time I ever shipped anything. Ever. Granted, I didn't ship it as much when I got to the end of Disc 2 (thank you, Tifa. |:), but it pretty much turned me into a shipper in the end.

Either that, or Cloud/Zack. Because of Eggy and Akai. They made me ship yaoi for the first fucking time in my life.


D) idk he's a good looking girl idk

E) Uh. Himself? Because he's some sort of emo in AC? IDK.

I'm rusty on FFVII. |:

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but these were a good read

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that's because I'm bored and you're supposed to be asleep

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you're right

why am i still awake

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this is my face right now

because i'm kind of sleepy

wtf why doesn't noel have good sleeping icons besides the creepy icon dissonance one

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because she's not a natural like naruto

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Okay, mission accomplished. Night.

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It was necessary. Now I can tag people when she's asleep without feeling awkward!

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